Web Development

Website Development and Design - PhoenixHaving a website isn’t enough, you need results. If your business is just starting out or if you’re a fortune 500 company, I realize an effective web development solution requires hard work, experience, research, and technological insight. Several choices for website development are offered by using open sourced Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) to bring your creative project to life. If the structure of an open source CMS doesn’t meet your requirements, a unique web application or portal will be developed to ensure your new website meets all your business needs. You’ll have the freedom to “think outside the box”, without worry about technological limitations.

Whether developing a new website or enhancing an existing one, your site is divided into six segments to ensure proper project management and communication.


Website Development Steps:

  • Scope of Web Project – Website development requires professional planning. The vision and purpose of your website are clearly outlined in this initial step. Success factors and project deliverables are fully documented to make sure all your business needs are meet.
  • Planning and Analysis – A project outline is created to help organize team structure, project milestones, unique coding languages, and site hierarchy. At the end of this phase, a project outline will be published to make sure everyone is kept on schedule.
  • Website Development, Design, and Content – This is when conceptual mock-ups will be designed, database architecture outlined, all table/object relationships clearly defined, and copy for the website will begin to be written.
  • Site Implementation – Upon approval of mock-ups, the site will begin to take form by graphic exports, themeing, code markup and code scripting.
  • Test Deployment and Training – More than 75% of websites fail to comply with web standards. User training and acceptance testing is crucial at this step to make sure your website is working properly. Your site is is fully tested and verified prior to going live to ensure all requirements have been meet.
  • Full Deployment – Once testing is complete, your site is ready to be launched!