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Frameworks are the foundation for web development. JavaScript, PHP, C#, Ruby are all built on principles with best practices. Essentially, they push, pull. process and manipulate data on both server and client side. There are advantages to each framework.



Have you ever saved a file, only to realize you accidentally deleted an important paragraph? A git repository manages your project and allows us to roll code back to a certain time. A repository also allows us to seamlessly work in teams.



Being bi-lingual can be challenging. Imagine having to know every language? With API’s were able to communicate with boundless services using a common and detailed language. Some include eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and PayPal.

Time is Money

Time. It’s As Valuable As Money.

Web development is sometimes confused with design. Yes, design is involved, but development has to do with the functionality of a website. Development can include tools and micro-services to save time by processing or manipulating data for final output. Web development might be client facing, but it can also be an internal portal for management. An example would be a workstation that scans a barcode to pull up relevant data on an item, work order, or a person.

I take a comprehensive approach to website development. My experience in many areas will help you reach your goal in a timely and effective manner. I offer a wide range of services that may include bespoke software solutions, full eCommerce solutions with over 20,000 products, small eCommerce sites that only sell a few products or services, intranets, extranets, blog sites, or a portfolio site. I can assist you with all your needs.

Technology Used

Modern Web Developer Tools
















MS Sql



Website Development Cycle

Professional Project Management & Communication

Whether developing a new website or enhancing an existing one, your site is divided into six segments to ensure proper project management and communication. You’ll have access to a secure and separate testing or staging environment that’s hosted on my server during the creation process.

  • Scope of Web Project – Website development requires professional planning. The vision and purpose of your website are clearly outlined in this initial step. Success factors and project deliverables are fully documented to make sure all your business needs are meet.
  • Planning and Analysis – A project outline is created to help organize team structure, project milestones, unique coding languages, and site hierarchy. At the end of this phase, a project outline will be published to make sure everyone is kept on schedule.
  • Website Development, Design, and Content – This is when conceptual mock-ups will be designed, database architecture outlined, all table/object relationships clearly defined, and copy for the website will begin to be written.
  • Site Implementation – Upon approval of mock-ups, the site will begin to take form by graphic exports, themeing, code markup and code scripting.
  • Test Deployment and Training – More than 75% of websites fail to comply with web standards. User training and acceptance testing is crucial at this step to make sure your website is working properly. Your site is is fully tested and verified prior to going live to ensure all requirements have been meet.
  • Full Deployment – Once testing is complete, your site is ready to be launched!

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